LLT&T partners:​

Urban Training and Services, Inc.



Our partner company URBAN Training and Services owned by Renata Urban offers the following services.

Intercultural Training
 - General intercultural awareness training for groups
 - Team-specific/ country-specific intercultural training
 - One-on-one intercultural coaching
 - Pre- and/ or post-relocation intercultural training for individuals
 - Access to award-winning resources and online intercultural profiling tools such as CultureActive© as a licensed partner of Richard Lewis Communications


Relocation Support and Advice
 - Country-specific training (US, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, and more)
 - Outbound services (relocation advice, language and intercultural training before going abroad)
 - Inbound services (local destination services and support, language and intercultural training upon arrival in South Florida)

ESL and Foreign Language Training


 - English as a Second Language training for non-native speakers of English (any level, general and business English, job-specific training)
 - TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS test preparation courses
 - German as a foreign language for those working with
Germany or German-speaking businesses (any level, general and business German, job-specific training)
 - Test DaF and Zertifikat Deutsch test preparation

Translation Services
 - Translation of documents English → German and German→ English
 - Interpretation services English → German and German→ English

Communication Skills Training
Presentation skills, public speaking, negotiating, conflict management, giving feedback, writing skills for business, telephoning and customer service skills, etc.

About Renata


Renata is a professional, resourceful, and patient trainer and consultant with more than 25 years combined experience in language, intercultural, and communication skills training. Renata has a linguist and a business background with experience in HR Training and Development, Public Relations, and Marketing/ Communications. She can draw on a wide range of experience working with global corporations, international language schools, and private individuals. Renata prides herself on being extremely dependable, organized, and analytic when it comes to the preparation and execution of a training or relocation project while maintaining a highly flexible, adaptable, and creative mindset. She is an empathic training professional and relocation destination consultant who is passionate about languages and intercultural communication, helping clients achieve their goals and making a difference in people's lives.


Renata has native proficiency in English and German, and she can communicate in Italian and French at an upper intermediate level. In addition to that, Renata has a basic understanding of Spanish and

Portuguese. While her intercultural expertise and international living and working experience includes a number of European countries, Renata has also gained valuable experience working with many other countries such as Russia, Japan, China, and South and Central American countries.


Renata has an open mind, is culturally sensitive, and committed to helping her clients adjust to their new environment quickly and effectively by tailoring her courses and services to her clients' needs and by sharing her invaluable knowledge and experience.