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Luisa Montagner grew up in Venice, Italy, where she lived until the age of 22. She moved to the US at the end of 2018 after spending some years in Japan, where she studied at Yokohama National University and worked for the prestigious Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute. 


Luisa teams up with Ayano Maramba, a native Japanese speaker, to deliver Japanese language courses with the perfect combination of native insight and international perspective.

Ayano and Luisa

Student Feedback

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Luisa is amazing. She gives great feedback on things that I feel are my weak points for learning Japanese. She is very kind and patient, which makes it less scary to make mistakes. Most importantly she is very organized and professional.

I’d give her a 6/5 if I could.



Being active duty military, when I was looking for an Italian teacher I knew flexibility was going to be key. Online lessons with Luisa have provided me exactly that. She's been able to provide me with engaging and focused lessons both here at home and when I was abroad in Italy. Grazie mille, Luisa!



The Japanese 101 course was phenomenal. Every class was so fun, and I came away from each one with not only a greater grasp of the language, but also greater motivation to learn more. Luisa also gave us so much fantastic material (not to mention so much of her own time) to help us with studying outside of class.

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