​Italian Courses



All Luisa LT&T courses are held and organized directly by Luisa Montagner, an Italian native speaker born and raised in Venice. Luisa has collaborated with students of various backgrounds, including:

  •  Americans of Italian descent reconnecting with their roots;

  •  U.S. military service members and their families PCSing to Italy;

  •  Enthusiasts preparing for an upcoming trip to Europe;

  •  University students in need of pronunciation training;

  • Spouses of Italian citizens preparing for a certification exam.


Given the students' diversity, Luisa LT&T's first and primary objective is to create tailored courses that can be adapted to the specific needs of each learner. As to be expected from a well-rounded course, Luisa's lessons do not focus solely on the language: cultural insights on local customs, cultural values, Italian geography, cuisine, holidays and festivals, current events and much more are included in the program. These insights are beneficial to all students: knowing how to culturally interpret everyday situations is vital when getting in contact with natives.

Materials and Language Certifications

All LT&T's courses and materials follow the common proficiency levels indicated by the CEFRL, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Luisa's lesson are assured to follow the standards required to pass Italian language certification exams such as CILS, CELI, Ditals, and the B1 Language Test required to individuals applying for Italian citizenship through marriage or residency.

As mentioned before, Luisa LT&T's priority is to provide a highly customized course that will suit the individual's needs. This course customization is achieved thanks to a wide array of learning materials including music, videos, interactive flashcards, traditional textbooks, and original handouts, all available for download directly on this website (via login on a student account) or through link sharing to various platforms such as Quizlet, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more.

​Survival Program: Culture before Language


LLT&T survival courses are dedicated to those who need to maximize their learning potential in the shortest time possible. In just 10 hours, Luisa will provide you with the tools necessary to approach the Italian culture and way of living. This type of course is particularly recommended for people preparing for a trip, for professionals who are relocating to Italy, and  for military approaching PCS.

​This type of course is divided into modules, which will be sent to you in printable PDF format and will be accompanied by videos and interactive flashcard sets to help you memorize the vocabulary.  You will be able to choose in advance which modules to focus on, and even request specific topics that are not offered by default - Luisa will create ad hoc material for you.

Among the survival modules, you can find:

  • Fundamentals of Italian

  • Public Transportation

  • Money and Shopping

  • Italian Etiquette and Customs

  • Food and Eating habits

  • ...and much more!

Luisa's Qualifications


Luisa has worked as an Italian teacher for foreigners in Italy, Japan, and the United States.


Master’s Program in Italian Language Teaching for Foreigners at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice


Italian language Teaching internship at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Being a native speaker does not automatically make you a good teacher. Always inquire about your instructor’s studies and experience.


Meet the students

Meet Pam.

Pam is a teacher, a mother and a homemaker from Pennsylvania who is looking forward to a trip to Tuscany. She decided to take a crash course with Luisa LT&T to prepare for her visit; she then extended her course and is approaching the intermediate level.

"I thoroughly enjoy my weekly Italian lessons with Luisa. As a fellow teacher I can say her lessons are really on point - she provides a well-balanced approach that incorporates listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as discussions about Italian culture. She uses quality materials and has tons of suggestions for additional resources. Luisa is extremely patient and kind. I really appreciate that she makes herself accessible across the entire week so that I never feel stuck when I need clarification on something I’m practicing. I am so grateful to have found such a skilled and professional guide for this experience. "

Ciao, Kelby.

Kelby is an active duty in the United States Navy. He was given six months to prepare for a transfer to Naples, Italy, and asked Luisa to assist him in preparing for his relocation. He has been living his new life in Naples since October 2019 and can communicate with the locals without misunderstandings or cultural mishaps.

"Being active duty military, when I was looking for an Italian teacher I knew flexibility was going to be key. Online lessons with Luisa have provided me exactly that. She's been able to provide me with engaging and focused lessons both here at home and when I was abroad in Italy. Grazie mille, Luisa!"

Meet Grace.

Grace has a background in Italian studies and wanted to bring her language knowledge to the next level while working full time in Manhattan. Online lessons have been the perfect solution.

"For the past year, I’ve been really enjoying taking lessons with Luisa. Prior to our online sessions, I had taken Italian courses in college and studied abroad in Florence. Luisa has greatly expanded on my previous knowledge and has given me the confidence to begin speaking with my Italian relatives. She also incorporates cultural references within each lesson that further enhance your understanding of the Italian lifestyle. She is extremely dedicated and compiles many tools to reinforce the class concepts. I can’t say enough positive things about learning with Luisa!"

Buongiorno, sig. Daniel.

Daniel is the investment director of a company dealing in infrastructures and concessions in New York City. He contacted Luisa LT&T after his company announced a fusion with Gavio Group, one of Italy’s top industrial groups. Attending meetings with Italian supervisors and writing emails in multiple languages is not a problem anymore.

"Studying online with Luisa is very practical. I can take classes from my office at the best time for me. I work for an important Italian group here in New York, and besides classes, I can count on Luisa when I need a prompt response to address important work issues. Studying face-to-face on Skype has solved my problems - I can maintain my regular working schedule, no matter what city or country I am in."

Meet Joanne.

Joanne, a successful playwright and published author, is very passionate about her family heritage. Her last publication is centered around her father's recipes, brought directly from Italy and employed at his restaurants in New York. Joanne has started taking Italian lessons with Luisa at the beginning of 2019 and is currently preparing for a short documentary for Italy's largest commercial broadcaster.

"Luisa is an incredible ITALIAN teacher.  I went through a few teachers before I had Luisa, and no one compares to her.  She is very passionate about teaching language and her ability to speak ENGLISH is helpful.  Her lessons are dynamic, creative and are designed to push us outside our comfort zone- which is  exactly what I need when it comes to Italian. She is also very passionate, detailed and organized. She makes herself available in between classes for questions and going over homework.  She is also easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable.
I could not recommend Luisa enough.  You are getting the best out there if you work with this native Italian!"

Meet Anna.

Anna, a multilingual Georgetown alumna, wanted to keep studying Italian while juggling her career as legal chief of staff and her three teenager children. She found the perfect solution:  popping online for 30 minutes for a conversation lesson with Luisa.

"The only way to learn how to speak a foreign language is...To speak the foreign language! Working with Luisa allows me to practice speaking, and doing a lesson online gives me the flexibility to fit it into my schedule. Thank you Luisa!"

Meet Mrs. Dina.

Mrs. Dina was born in Italy and moved to the US when she was very young. She wanted to take her Italian to the next step, improving writing skills and learning how to differentiate between the standard language and her local dialect. Studying online with Luisa proved to be just the best solution.

"I love my lessons with Luisa. I am more comfortable using an online tutor because it just seems safer and more relaxing than having to meet someone in person."

Ciao Laura!

Laura makes sure to travel to Italy every year to visit her cousins in Vietri, near Naples, but communication had been somewhat of an problem..It can be frustrating to talk to your loved ones when there is a language barrier! Fortunately, she found Luisa.

"Studying Italian online is perfect for me as an adult student. It allows me to work at my own level and integrate my assignments into my personal schedule. The tools now available online are incredible compared to when I first studied years ago in high school. It is a real benefit to have these tools also complemented by a wonderful teacher such as Luisa."

Benvenuta, Alessia.

Alessia is a second generation immigrant from Italy and wanted to reconnect with her roots and communicate better with her loved ones. She had taken an Italian college course but, after experiencing studying online, she's not going back to an old boring classroom.

"I love taking lessons online! It's much more convenient than meeting at a school. I can learn Italian in my pajamas!"


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