​Japanese Courses

Luisa Language Teaching Japanese classes are conducted by two instructors: Luisa Montagner, in charge of lesson planning and grammar, and native Japanese speaker Ayano Maramba, in charge of conversation and speaking activities. This balanced partnership brings you the perfect combination of native insight and international perspective: Luisa and Ayano will work together to create a tailored course that suits your personal needs and requests.

Luisa and Ayano's Japanese courses have been able to accommodate students of all backgrounds and paths of life. Among our clients, you can find:

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ESL teachers

U.S. Military service members and their families

international students

Japanese language and culture enthusiasts


Materials and Language Certifications

Luisa Language Teaching offers a wide array of learning materials, including music, videos, interactive flashcards, traditional textbooks, and original handouts, all available for download directly on this website.

All LT&T's courses and materials follow the proficiency levels indicated by the JLPT, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Luisa's lesson are assured to follow the standards required to pass the JLPT language certifications up to level N3.

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​Survival Program


If you need to learn as much as possible in just a few weeks, traditional lessons might not be exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you are approaching unexpected PCS with the military, or you are a professional about to go on a last-minute business trip - or you are simply preparing for a surprise cruise with many stops in Italian towns: for these situations, we recommend a TIME CRUNCH Survival Course.


TIME CRUNCH is a personalized package of two, six, or ten lesson hours, during which Luisa will provide you with the tools necessary to approach the Italian way of living. All materials will be created ad hoc to better prepare you for your upcoming challenge and will be provided to you  in printable PDF format, accompanied by videos and interactive flashcard sets to help you memorize useful phrases.


Meet the students



"Luisa Language Teaching has been an integral influence in my career transition. I started learning Japanese in order to apply for the prestigious JET Program, and I was accepted on my first try. Each week, I always look forward to our lessons together because they are often the highlight of my week! I simply cannot recommend Luisa enough to anyone interested in learning Japanese."



"Luisa and Ayano are amazing. They gives great feedback on things that I feel are my weak points for learning Japanese. They are very kind and patient, which makes it less scary to make mistakes. Most importantly They are very organized and professional. *provides materials for you as well. I’d give Luisa Language Teaching a 6/5 if I could."



"Luisa is incredible! The first lesson I had with her, she made everything so understandable. She went into the history of the language of Japanese which really helped solidify the concepts for me. Her handouts are so helpful and really narrow in on what is needed when you are first starting to learn a new language. I am so excited for my next lesson! If you are wanting to learn Japanese and looking for a tutor, you have come to the right page!"



"I began my Japanese lessons in July of 2019. My husband is in the military, and we moved to Japan in October that year. I’ve been delighted to continue my lessons while living in Japan. Luisa's insight as a non-native gives her the ability to share the outsider’s perspective I have and give me cultural tips which helped smooth out my transition to such a different and beautiful country."

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