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​Japanese Courses

Japanese classes are conducted by Luisa Montagner, in charge of lesson planning and grammar, and native Japanese speaker Ayano for conversation and speaking. This balanced partnership brings you the perfect combination of native insight and international perspective. Among our clients, you can find:

Japanese language and culture enthusiasts

U.S. Military service members and their families

International students

ESL teachers

All learning materials, which include a wide array of digital resources and traditional textbooks, are included in the cost of the courses. Lesson plans are designed in accordance with JLPT proficiency levels, for which we offer dedicated certification training.

Instructors Luisa Montagner and Ayano
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Private Lessons

$60 / hour

Private lessons allow you to design your own language course. You can decide how often you meet the teachers, which topics and grammar levels to focus on, and the pace of the course, all according to your personal needs.

We recommend private lessons to:

  • Individuals with a specific goal in mind, e.g. preparation for an imminent trip or language certification;

  • Those with a busy schedule that calls for flexibility;

  • Students who require assistance with specific aspects of the language, such as conversation or grammar.

Contact us now to schedule your free consultation. The instructor will help you assess your priorities and discuss a prospective lesson plan that aligns with your aspirations.

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Group Classes

$15 / hour

Each of our group classes consists of ten engaging one-hour lessons designed and taught by instructor Luisa Montagner.


We firmly believe in making quality language education accessible to all, respecting your aspirations AND your budget. To ensure high-quality instruction and an immersive experience, each class accommodates up to eight participants. As a special bonus, all attendees enjoy an automatic 25% discount on private lessons throughout the course.

Our group courses run year-round based on the instructor's availability. Secure your spot on the waitlist today, and we will notify you as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached.

Group Courses

Getting Ready for Japanese is an online video course that will walk you through the basics of the Japanese language, focusing on how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana characters. You will receive personal feedback from our instructors at any time for the duration of the course.

Japanese 101 will take you from common greetings all the way into present tense and polite verb conjugation. Meet the instructor live on Zoom once a week for this class and interact freely with other participants. Hiragana and Katakana required: see "Getting Ready for Japanese" course.

Japanese 102 is an upper-beginner course dedicated to those who are already familiar with the topics covered in Japanese 101. If you have studied Japanese as an independent learner, or if you have attended classes with other instructors, we recommend you reach out to schedule a placement test.

Japanese 201 is a lower intermediate course dedicated to those who are already familiar with the topics covered in Japanese 101 and 102. If you have studied Italian as an independent learner, or if you have attended classes with other instructors, we recommend you to reach out to schedule a placement test.

Meet the students



"As a busy adult with a demanding schedule, I find it difficult to study consistently on my own.  Luisa is both understanding and patient ensuring I make consistent progress with grammar and kanji. I appreciate the adaptive, personalized approach that I wouldn't find in a group class setting. Ayano works with me so I can clearly understand native speakers and speak naturally.
I recommend them to anyone committed to learning Japanese."

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"Luisa Language Teaching has been an integral influence in my career transition. I started learning Japanese in order to apply for the prestigious JET Program, and I was accepted on my first try. Each week, I always look forward to our lessons together because they are often the highlight of my week! I simply cannot recommend Luisa enough to anyone interested in learning Japanese."

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"Luisa is incredible! The first lesson I had with her, she made everything so understandable. She went into the history of the language of Japanese which really helped solidify the concepts for me. Her handouts are so helpful and really narrow in on what is needed when you are first starting to learn a new language. I am so excited for my next lesson! If you are wanting to learn Japanese and looking for a tutor, you have come to the right page!"



"My favorite thing about Luisa and Ayano is their passion for what they do. They are patient and will stay on a topic as long as it takes. I often find that when I do succeed at understanding a difficult topic, or even something as simple as saying a long sentence with the correct pronunciation and tempo, both tutors are as happy as I am, if not more so! It really makes me feel great and motivated. If you are searching for top quality tutors, look no further."



"I began my Japanese lessons in July of 2019. My husband is in the military, and we moved to Japan in October that year. I’ve been delighted to continue my lessons while living in Japan. Luisa's insight as a non-native gives her the ability to share the outsider’s perspective I have and give me cultural tips which helped smooth out my transition to such a different and beautiful country."



"Luisa is a wonderful teacher but even more so, she is an absolute wonderful human. She supports me by not only her great teaching skills but kind thoughts and considerate feedback. She truly wants to know the why behind your love for the language, so she can help get you to where you want to be. Also, Ayano is FANTASTIC! She provides you with with a comfortable environment where you can speak confidently every single lesson. I plan to continue to see Luisa and Ayano for many years to come."

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