​Japanese Courses


The perfect combination of language knowledge and international perspective: Luisa's Japanese lessons are what you need.

LLT&T Japanese students are extremely diverse, and include:

  • ESL teachers

  • Japanese language and culture enthusiasts

  • international students

  • military members and their families

  • travelers who want to be perfectly prepared for their trip.

Luisa's lessons are extremely versatile and will be adapted to accommodate each student's specific needs. All textbooks and handouts used in LTT&T courses are available to you in PDF format, accompanied by various interactive materials such as audio tracks, music, educational videos, readily accessible flashcards sets, and much more.

Go to our contact page and schedule a free consultation. Luisa will identify your priorities and objectives, and create the perfect course for you!

Materials and Language Certifications

All LT&T's courses and materials follow the proficiency levels indicated by the JLPT, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Luisa's lesson are assured to follow the standards required to pass the JLPT language certifications up to level N3.

As mentioned before, Luisa LT&T's priority is to provide a highly customized course that will suit the individual's needs. This course customization is achieved thanks to a wide array of learning materials including music, videos, interactive flashcards, traditional textbooks, and original handouts, all available for download directly on this website (via login on a student account) or through link sharing to various platforms such as Quizlet, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more.

​Survival Program: Culture before Language


LLT&T survival courses are dedicated to those who need to maximize their learning potential in the shortest time possible. In just 10 hours, Luisa will provide you with the tools necessary to approach the Japanese culture and way of living. This type of course is particularly recommended for people preparing for a trip, for professionals who are relocating to Japan and  for military approaching PCS.

​This type of course is divided into modules, which will be sent to you in printable PDF format and will be accompanied by videos and interactive flashcard sets to help you memorize the vocabulary.  You will be able to choose in advance which modules to focus on, and even request specific topics that are not offered by default - Luisa will create ad hoc material for you. Among the survival modules, you can find:

  • Fundamentals of Japanese

  • Public Transportation

  • Money and Shopping

  • Japanese Etiquette and Customs

  • Food and Eating habits

  • ...and much more!

​Luisa's Qualifications

Luisa has worked as a tutor of Japanese for foreigners in Italy, Japan, and the United States.


Employed at Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute of Tokyo. In charge of the translation of all textbooks; provided interpretation services for foreign students in English, Italian, German, and French.

Long-term exchange program at Yokohama National University, Japan.


Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Language and Culture from Ca' Foscari University of Venice.


I have the qualifications and the experience to teach the Japanese language, but the most valuable insight I can provide is my perspective on living and working in Japan as a foreigner.


Meet the students

Meet Carley.

Carley is getting ready to move to Japan after being accepted in the JET program. She has been taking Japanese lessons with Luisa for two years.

"Luisa Language Teaching has been an integral influence in my career transition. I have always wanted to live abroad and when the opportunity to live in Japan came into my life, Luisa was there to help me achieve my dreams. I started learning Japanese with her in order to apply for the prestigious JET Program. She helped me understand the language as well as the culture of Japan.

I was accepted to the 2020 JET Program as an ALT on my first try, and I largely believe that her insight helped me acquire the position. Luisa’s assistance during the JET application process is not the only way she’s helped me, as she provided a lot of insight for taking the JLPT, catering some of her lessons specifically to study kanji and vocabulary that would likely be on the exam. Her support through the whole learning experience has been incredibly helpful and professional. Each week, I always look forward to our lessons together because they are often the highlight of my week! I simply cannot recommend Luisa enough to anyone interested in learning Japanese."

Meet Jillian.

With her husband facing an unexpected military relocation, Jillian was given three months to adjust to the idea of moving to Japan. She started taking lessons as a complete beginner while packing her bags in California, and has continued since moving to the Fukuoka area.

"I began my Japanese lessons with Luisa in July of 2019. My husband is in the military, and we moved to Japan in October that year. I’ve been delighted to continue my lessons with Luisa while living in Japan. Her lessons push me to learn more, but are never beyond my grasp of the language. Additionally, her insight as a non-native gives her the ability to share the outsider’s perspective I have and give me cultural tips which helped smooth out my transition to such a different and beautiful country."

Meet Joseph.

Joseph had studied Japanese in college, but was not happy with the final results and wanted to make language learning his priority to eventually become fluent. He started studying with Luisa in 2020 and will be with her for a long time.

"Luisa is amazing. She gives great feedback on things that I feel are my weak points for learning Japanese. She is very kind and patient, which makes it less scary to make mistakes. Most importantly she is very organized and professional. *provides materials for you as well. I’d give her a 6/5 if I could."

Say hi to Morgan.

Morgan went to Japan on a vacation in 2018 and fell in love with the culture and the country as a whole. There was only one problem: she didn't know the language and was forced to limit her visits to English-friendly, super touristy spots. She is going back in a couple years, and she is ready to blend in with the crowd.

"Luisa is incredible! The first lesson I had with her, she made everything so understandable. She went into the history of the language of Japanese which really helped solidify the concepts for me. Her handouts are so helpful and really narrow in on what is needed when you are first starting to learn a new language. I am so excited for my next lesson! If you are wanting to learn Japanese and looking for a tutor, you have come to the right page!"


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