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Online Course for Beginners



Aug 10th to Oct 12th


7:30 pm Eastern Time



$150 total

($15 per hour for 10 hours)



Online lessons on Zoom. All you need is a computer!



PDF Handouts and interactive exercises included in the price

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Lesson Plan


Aug 10th

  • Review of writing systems with handwriting tips and kanji memorization methods

  • Introduction to Japanese pronunciation (long vowels, double consonants, intonation, word level).


Aug 17th

  • Introduction to Japanese sentence structure (SOV) and titles (さん, 様, etc.)

  • Sentences with copula (です, じゃないです, etc.) and postpositions は, か, and も


Aug 24th

  • Introduction to Japanese counting systems and counters (助数詞)


Aug 31st

  • Polite verbs (丁寧系) and brief introduction to other formality levels (普通系, 敬語, 謙譲語)

  • Introduction of postpositions を, に, へ, で, and と


Sep 7th

  • Recap of previous lessons

  • Overview of the most common Japanese adverbs


Sep 14th

  • The existence verbs (ある, いる) and the particle が


Sep 21st

  • Japanese adjectives (形容詞 and 形容動詞)


Sep 28th

  • The suspensive form (て form) and its main uses

  • Brief introduction of progressive tense (ている)


Oct 5th

  • General recap and oral test


Oct 12th

  • Bonus topics (minor grammar points) and delivery of Japanese 101 Official Manual

Please note that this is a tentative calendar. If more than 50% of the class request for a lesson to be postponed before the beginning of the course, it will be arranged!


Presented by Luisa Montagner

pronouns: she, her

Luisa Montagner the founder and main instructor of Luisa Language Teaching & Tutoring. She grew up in Venice, Italy, where she lived until the age of 22. She moved to the US at the end of 2018 after spending some years in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Holds a Degree in Japanese studies from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. 

  • Studied and worked at Yokohama National University from September 2016 to August 2017.

  • Worked for the prestigious Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute (新宿日本語学校) in Tokyo from 2017 to 2018.

  • Has helped over one hundred students reach their goals and offered over 3,000 lesson hours.


Course Guidelines

ー All standardized courses require a non-refundable advance payment. We will wait until a minimum of seven people have signed up for the class to send out invoices. Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and Navy Federal transactions are accepted.


ー This course for beginners consists of a series of ten high intensity lectures. Hiragana and Katakana writing fluency is a prerequisite. If you are not familiar with the syllabaries yet, we highly recommend that you sign up for the KANA MASTERCLASS on July 20th.

ー We encourage you to attend lessons using a computer rather than a phone or a tablet, as the teacher will be often sharing her screen to show materials and write on a whiteboard. Please mute your microphone when you enter the class.

ー Lessons last one hour and are followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. At the end of each lesson you will receive a PDF handout, a link to an interactive flashcard list for all the vocabulary used in the handout, and a link to interactive exercises on Google Forms to practice in between lessons.

ー If the teacher is indisposed and cannot attend one or more classes, the duration of the course will be extended past October 12th.


ー If you need to set up a private tutoring session, please contact us at One-on-one tutoring sessions are available to course attendees for $30/hour (50% discount on standard rate) for the entire duration of the course.


6:00 to 9:00 pm Eastern Time |  $50 advance payment  |  10% discount when purchased with Japanese 101 course


Student Feedback

Rami Testimonial


I took the course as someone who is not quite a 101 beginner. I thought that, at such a low price, I may as well take it as a refresher.

Boy was I wrong. The explanations from Luisa for grammar points I had already seen in Genki were way more coherent and logical. Every week built on and reinforced the previous week, and by the end we had all the grammar needed for competent conversations.

Luisa was highly available, answering questions all times of the day.

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Quai Testimonial


This course was exceptional. Prof. Luisa Montagner explains the concepts in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. She also includes PDF materials as quick references which was a great help. In addition she includes flash cards and quizzes to solidify and test your knowledge. All the materials and instructions you get from the course is a great value.

I would highly recommend this to anyone getting started with learning Japanese.

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Kayla Testimonial


The Japanese 101 course was phenomenal. Luisa’s an incredibly knowledgeable, detail-oriented, insightful, encouraging, and patient teacher. Every class was so fun, and I came away from each one with not only a greater grasp of the language, but also greater motivation to learn more. Luisa also gave us so much fantastic material (not to mention so much of her own time) to help us with studying outside of class.

I would jump at the chance to take another course with her!

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Cary Testimonial


My favorite thing about Luisa is that she doesn't hold back; she makes a point to challenge her students. She is dedicated to her classwork as she prepares the homework, quizzes, group assignments, and extra materials to practice during downtime. If you don't understand something, she is keen on helping you by providing examples and/or spending more time on the lesson.

I've spent money using other tutors and I wouldn't recommend it. Luisa will help you learn the things you NEED to know.

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